Ride for Less

Low Monthly Membership Fees and Low Usage Fees Make Blink Mobility the Preferred Around Town Rental Options

standard membership

Standard Membership

Only $5 per month, billed monthly, the Standard membership unlocks access to Blink Mobility’s full EV rental fleet with low use fees. And remember, all you pay for is the time you rent the vehicle, no insurance, no EV charging fees, no maintenance. Just simple, carefree driving!

$5 / month membership fee
$0.20 / minute
*Minimum charge: 15 minutes ($3.00)
standard membership

Community Membership

Committed to making clean transportation options accessible to all, Blink Mobility’s Community membership helps income-qualified members access Blink Mobility’s full EV rental fleet at a reduced $1/month membership rate, and enjoy reduced use fees.

$1 / month membership fee
$015 / minute
*Minimum charge: 15 minutes ($2.25)

40 Los Angeles

Pick-up and Drop-Off Locations

Zero Ownership Costs

No Gas, No Insurance, No Maintenance


Blink Mobility Customer Service


Peaceful commute, economical driving, convenient parking locations while charging at retail locations, employer EV credit, little to no maintenance, helping the environment, “sporty” acceleration.

-Jakub Fejfar, EV Driver and Blink Charging Member